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  1. Yo man!

    This is my landing page.

    If you have signed in and contributed to any of the conversations then I ask you, “Announce yourself here.” Give us an idea of what motivates you to follow this kind of content.

    Yeah I know. It’s porn. There is not a lot of intelligent back and forth going on in the comments section of a porn site. That doesn’t mean that people who enjoy porn don’t have anything interesting to say however. Just trying to open it up to something a little different.

    As for me, I am a retired O.G. from the United States Armed Forces. I’ve had a dirty mind since I was a kid. I always knew I’d end up in the Adult Entertainment business someday. I just didn’t know how I was going to accomplish it. Now I’m doing it and I feel damn good.

    So what about you? Send a shout out to your boy. Post the comment here and hopefully we’ll keep it rolling as new guest come in.

    • Love your work! I use many of the same techniques..??? I’m too busy with my start up non-profit/for profit…Plant Medicine for the People..it’s time to love life to the fullest while healing people and the planet…website coming soon! Taking applications for founding members. ?????

  2. Just a porn lover passing through.

  3. Been at it since I was a kid. I love porno bitches.

  4. They call me Jay. I did my thing college and a little while after that. Corporate America keeps me busy. I still get down with the wild freaks every now and then. But I’m not out looking for them like I was when I was younger.

  5. I wreck hoes as often as I can. Just doesn’t seem often enough.

  6. I love this porno shit. I wanted to go into the porn business myself. But I got rich doing something else.

  7. “East Coast in the house.” Thank you for welcoming us. This a cool lil site.

  8. Bobby DontHateMe

    I need to change my hustle. Cause the shit I’m doing ain’t working. At least it ain’t getting me the kinda hoes I really want… Yall can call me Bob. Dirty South up in this piece.

  9. 1MightHaveBeenYoMamma

    Big Charles up in this thang. Reppin the East Coast. But I’ve lived all over the U.S. Good luck with the blog brotha.

  10. Been around the block a few times myself. The porn has always been a release. Haven’t been too freaky in my real life to be honest. When you’re a family man you have to set priorities.

    • That sounds boring as Hell.

        • I ain’t mad it you Bra. In fact, I respect your position. I couldn’t do it.

          • Sometimes I can’t either. But I do it anyway.

  11. Looks like it’s some serious male bonding going on this page.

      • B.B. or you can call me B… I just always thought porn was cool. My first boyfriend turned me on to it.

  12. “You know what the Mid West is? Young and restless.” Thanks for the invite. I’m enjoying this little blog.

  13. Big Jake up in here. Always ready for something new. Keep it coming.

  14. I used to have my own blog. I should have stayed on it. But it got to be too much work. Anyway, I’m J. Thanks for fuckin with me.

  15. Nate the Monsta

    Ain’t nothing better than smashin sluts. If I ever get the opportunity to do it for a living I’m dropping everything… Lil Nate sayin WHATSUP!!!!!!

  16. I had a freak bitch that worked in the club. I thought I was a pimp then. I dumped her for a good bitch. Turns out the good bitch wasn’t shit. Oh well… My name is James. Where them true sluts at?

  17. My Dads White My Moms Black

    I used to half to beat off at my Grandmother’s house. She was the only person in the family with a VCR. Thank the stars for the internet… Chris Chris up in HEAH!!!!

  18. Naked Man number19

    I need to fuck every day. So sometimes the bitches are ugly. One day porn is going to be my main gig. Until then I’m working with what I got.

    Big love everybody


  19. It’s K.K. AKA Kenny Kortez. Got this Florida thang on lock. Lovin them white girls. But I don’t discriminate. Bring em on. Peace!!!

  20. This site is a trip. I wish I had the nerve to start up something like this.

    Trey ain’t trippin.

  21. Yo dirty ass Daddy

    I never saw some pussy I didn’t like. And I done seen a few fucked up ones.

  22. Yo dirty ass Daddy

    Yall can call me Red

  23. Nigga You Aint Shit

    I was a dirty old man when I was 5. Tryin to grab titties and all that.

    “Derrek loves sluts”

  24. Until we meet again

    The man upstairs was on one when he created freaks. I feel like they were put here for me.

    Just the way I feel.


    Nice to meet yall

  25. I ain’t trippin on none of these hoes. They do their thing. I do mine. Together we win.

    It’s all us.


  26. If they like me I like them. I’ll fuck anythang with a pussy, pretty much. As long as she’s human and of age.

    Thanks for the invite… James

    • You Niggas Know Whats Happnin

      You dirty as a muufuka.

  27. You Niggas Know Whats Happnin

    It’s Doug.

    Love yall.

  28. If it wasn’t for porn I wouldn’t see no ass. I mean, I got a “Go to.” But that shit don’t count. I be avoiding that hoe. The best part of my day is sittin around trippin out on some movies.

    Keep em coming.

    Stevie in this spot!

  29. I just came up on a bad ass light skinned red bone this weekend. She let me fuuuuuk. I wish I could post her on here or somewhere. I’m winning with these females. Just got out the service. Going to school on the GI Bill. I guess because I got money and I ain’t pressed by life like the rest of these homies. These hoes checkin for me. Anyway, my wish is for everybody to be getting it in the way they want to.

    It’s Evan, Reppin the Pacific NW.

  30. Starting Quarterback

    Originally from the Mid West but grew up on the West Coast. Love the muthafuckin porno shit. Got a few home videos. Need to turn pro some day.


    Pleased to meet you.

  31. I thought eating pussy was for simps until I got my dick sucked. Then I was ready to do anything that hoe told me to do.

    Thanks for the welcome


  32. The Little Big Homie

    I’m trippin on the comments. But anyway. The site is cool. Keep up that work.

    Lil Rick

  33. Gotta introduce one of my coolest little homies… Brittany Price.

  34. Brand new to the group. Thanks for having me

  35. Just here to meet interesting folks.

    • That won’t be a problem. Welcome.

    • I appreciate that man. Good to hear from you.

  36. Super cool content. Nice meeting yall

  37. Big Al here. Thanks for the invite fellas.

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  39. 10 Toes In the Game

    Been looking for some shit like this to trip out on. Thanks for the invite.

  40. 5 Minutes of funk

    It’s time to recognize… Glad to meet yall.

  41. Yall posting nakeds? I’m here/

  42. It’s Jim here. Just checking out the action.

  43. Tell me where the party is. I’ll bring all of the booze.

  44. Are there any real ones up in here?

  45. I’m not as old as you think I am.

  46. Nice lil page. I like it.

  47. Always running hoes… Brilliant minds think a like I see.

  48. All I want is mine. Yall can keep the rest.

  49. Where there is will, there is Eric.

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